Skandinavistik 1992

See my 1992 paper published in ‘Texte und Untersuchungen zur Germanistik und Skandinavistik’, Bd. 30 / Lilja Popowa (hrsg.). Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt am Main – Berlin, Bern, New York – Paris – Wien, 1992, 309-328. In this paper written in the late 1980-s I arrived at the conclusion that some impersonal sentence patterns in Old Nordic are an innovation and predicted that if Old Icelandic and other Old Scandinavian idioms frequently developed a new sentence pattern with a dative experiencer-like NP, an auxiliary slot and a slot for a non-agreeing nominal predicate, these languages should develop a new class of nominal word forms, that are possible only in the predicative position. This theoretical prediction was borne out: some 8 years later I examined Old Icelandic and Old Swedish concordances and proved that such a nominal class really existed in Old Icelandic and Old Swedish. I had no access to these concordances, when I wrote this paper of mine, and there were no publications by Germanicists, were similar statements were made.

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