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TMP 2015 pics

November 18, 2015


Apostles Paul (Pavel Grashchenkov) and Andrew (Andrej Kibrik): a staged version of the newly discovered picture by El Greco ‘Apostles of language theory and linguistic typology’.

The TMP 2015 conference (and TMP is Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters, as every grown-up individual knows) took place 14-16 October 2015 in Moscow, Moscow State Pedagogical University & Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences. The picture above shows one of our plenary speakers, Andrej Kibrik (r.), chairing one of the sessions 16 October, Pavel Grashchenkov (l.) giving a talk.


Yakov Testelets (standing) is asking a question. Atle Grønn (r.) is all attention.

We were happy to have great talks from the invited speakers, Atle Grønn (on the picture above), John Bailyn and Andrej Kibrik. See this link on the conference website


Generative grammar does not exclude discussion: our invited speaker John Bailyn (c.) and conference coorganizer, Ekaterina Lyutikova (r.).

I am grateful to my colleagues, members of the organizing committee Peter Arkadiev, Ekaterina Lyutikova and Yakov Testelets for the great organizational job.


Ekaterina Lyutikova and Peter Arkadiev are closing the sessions on 16 October.


The 16 October sessions were hosted by the Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences. On the picture above you see the Institute’s director Vladimir Alpatov giving a talk. Andrej Kibrik (r.) is the chair.


Maria Usacheva is presenting her talk. Peter Arkadiev (l.) is the chair.

Our conference was a true feast both for those who like so called exotic languages, complexity and odd things and for those who enjoy regularity and predictions.

Grammaticalization is fun. Really. Especially – grammaticalization of nomina loci in Besermyan Udmurt. I am not kidding. If you have doubts, look at Maria Usacheva’s and Natalia Serdobolskaya’s handout These nominalizations are special.


Morhosyntactic parameters are rooted in many institutions. See Yuri Lander (High School of Economics), Nina Sumbatova (Russian State University for the Humanities, Valentin Vydrin (LLACAN – INALCO, Paris) – from left to the right. In the back row: Lyudmila Khokhlova (Institute for African and Asiatic Studies).


Think big. Andrei Kosenkov (c.) and Liza Kushnir (r). In the front row: Silje Susanne Alvestad. In the back row: Yulia Galliamina (l) and Maria Trubitsina (r).


Towards TMP 2016.  Peter Arkadiev and me are closing the TMP 2015 conference. In the front row: Maria Konoshenko, chair of the affiliated GeNSLing 2015 conference, and Andrej Kibrik. In the next row: Valentin Vydrin.