Workshop on Clitics and Syntactic Typology

In June 2010, I organized a workshop on clitics and syntactic typology in Moscow. The workshop’s goal is to combine studies in two related yet different fields – clitic theories and syntactic typology.

The papers presented at the workshop focused on such issues as clitic clusterization, Barrier typology, clitic doubling and its links to argument structure, case and and agreement marking, diachronic trends in the development of clitic systems, contact-induced development of clitic systems, clitic reduplication.

The abstracts and presentations will soon be available.

Workshop “Clitic studies and Syntactic Typology”

Russian State University for the Humanities, RSUH, 2nd corpus, room 804.

Peter Arkadiev (Institute of Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences/RSUH). Clitic doubling: towards a typology.

Anton Zimmerling (Moscow State University for the Humanities/RSUH). A typology of Barriers and clitic movement.

Natalia Pimenova (Moscow City Pedagogical University). The clusterization of word forms with weak stress in Old High German and Old Saxon.

10 minutes break.

Ilya Yakubovich (University of Moscow). Clitic reduplication in Neo-Hittite as a contact-induced process.

Andrei Sidelcev (Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences). Clitic doubling in Middle Hittite: two systems.

General discussion.

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