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Institute for Modern Linguistic Research opens at MSUH

January 3, 2012

In 2012, Institute for Modern Linguistic Research opens at the Moscow State University for the Humanities (MSUH) ! Congrats and thanks to everyone who has been helpful.

The stuff includes Anton Zimmerling (director), Peter Arkadiev, Natalia Pimenova, Natalia Serdobolskaya, Oleg Belyaev, Tamara Astakhova (research fellows), Alexey Barkovskiy(secretary).

Our office is located at the MSUH Perovo Branch , 3rd Vladimirskaya Str., 7, room 35. The location of the MSUH Perovo branch may be checked using this link.

Research and educational center at the MSUН

«Institute for modern linguistic research»

Research and educational center at the MSUH «Institute for modern linguistic research»  is designed for fundamental and applied investigations in the field of General, Typological and Slavic linguistics, modernization of academic lecture courses pertained to linguistic education, dissemination of natural-science methods and mathematical methods in interdisciplinary research involving linguistic analysis of the mechanisms of information transmission and text formation, integration of Russian and world’s approaches to theoretical grammar.

Research and educational center at the MSUH «Institute for modern linguistic research» aims at

  • Conducting long-term (2-3 years) and short-term scientific projects in the field of theoretical linguistics. The research findings of these projects are to be discussed at various international conferences and in the profile scientific editions.
  • Training and retraining of      specialists in the field of general, specific and applied linguistics.
  • Organizing international      conferences in linguistic typology, Slavic and general grammar at the MSUH.
  • Organizing international      conferences and thematic workshops in Russian Federation and abroad.
  • Organizing regular      seminars in language theory and linguistic methodology at the MSUH.
  • Promoting the image of scientific      linguistics and its achievements, fighting against amateurish linguistics and      profane views on world’s languages, organizing linguistic competitions for      MSUH students in the format of traditional competitions in linguistics and      mathematics.
  • Promoting the achievement      of the Russian linguistic school, reissuing of important publications of      Russian linguists anticipation or forestalling similar publications of foreign      linguists.
  • Adapting      Russian BA, MA and Phd-students to modern theoreis, frameworks, methods      and terminology widely applied in the present-day linguistic research      abroad. Translating into Russian selected publications of leading foreign      linguists.
  • Academic cooperation      with foreign universities and research institutions included in the international      programs for academic cooperation with Russian Federation.