Editions of Family Sagas

I prepared and published as chief scientific editor two volumes in the academic edition of Old Icelandic family sagas in my own translations (Moscow 2000: Jazyki slavyanskoy kultury & Moscow 2004: Yazyki slavyanskoj kultury 2004). All sagas included in these volumes were translated into Russian for the first time.

The first volume appeared in 2000 (reprinted in 2002) under the title Исландские саги. It contains 14 sagas including such outstanding texts as Fóstbræðra saga, Heiðarvíga saga, Hœnsna-Þóris saga, Droplaugarsona saga, Böglunga sögur.

The second volume appeared in summer 2004; it contains 4 sagas of a considerable volume in remarkable in other aspects (Eyrbyggja saga, Bandamanna saga, Faereyinga saga,  Árons saga Hjörleifssonar) and 14 minor narrative texts, so called þættir.

Both volumes are provided with an extended apparatus. Each saga is followed by a special paper devoted to issues in its text criticism, history and language. The final section in both volumes is addressed poetics of the skaldic stanzas included in the translated prosaic Saga texts.  The  issues of their authenticity, dating and style are discussed and presented according to a specially developed comment format (cf. the sample below).

See samples from Vol. 2 : a page with the Russian of Eyrbyggja saga in the published format (p. 49), a page from comments to Eyrbyggja saga (p. 289) and an excerpt from comments to skaldic poetry from Árons saga (p. 550).


In 2007 I published a commented translations of the Saga of Icelanders by Sturla Þórðarson. See the page SAGA OF ICELANDERS for details.


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