Review articles and metalinguistic publications

See my review on the book “Fundamental approaches in Modern American Linguistics”. It is published in Вопросы Языкознания, 2000, № 2. The book under review included chapters written by such scholars as John Bailyn, Konstantin Kazenin & Yakov Testelets,  Natalia Kondrashova, Irina Sekerina, Natalya Issakadze & Irina Kobozeva, Andrej Kibrik & Vladimir Plungian, Alan Cienki, George Fowler.

In 1994, I wrote a review article on Stefán Karlsson’s tiny book ‘Tungan‘ (published in Íslensk Þjóðmenning , VI, p. 1-54, Reykjavík). It was published in the Russian journal ‘Atlantica‘, vol. 2 (1996). Stefán’s book is one of the few publications, which explicitly tell the readers that Icelandic language had a history of its own and has changed during the ages. Ironically, my own article, entitled ‘The History of Iceland’, still remains the only Russian publication on the subject. Some of my colleagues even believe that it does not exist. Check it here:

In 2000, I wrote a review of Bernard Comrie, Gerald Stone & Maria Polinsky’s book ‘Russian language in the 20th century‘. 1996. Oxford: Clarendon Press. This review is published in ‘Studies in Language’, vol. 24, Nr. 3 (2000), 704-715. Nobody seems to have claimed that this review article does not exist, but currently I don’t have a pdf-file on my pc. Meanwhile, see a scanned cover of the issue and the front page below:

In 2005, I published a review on Andrei A. Zalizniak’s book ‘Old Novgorod Dialect’. 2nd edition. 2004. Moscow: Jazyki Slavyanskoj Kultrury. The review is published in: Вестник РГНФ 2005, № 4 (41), 220-227.

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