I am one of the two editors (together with professor Alexander Gugnin) of the book series ‘Slavo-Germanica’ (Славяно-германские исследования) issued by the Institut of Slavic Studies, Russian academy of sciences (Институт славяноведения РАН).

See the cover of vol. 3, finally published in 2008 in the publishing house ‘Aletheia’, Sankt-Peterburg. It contains contribution of several noted Slavicists, including Per Durst-Anderson (Copenhagen), Alexander Kustarev (London),  Anna Litvina (Moscow), Alexander Nazarenko (Moscow), and two articles of mine. In the appendix the readers may find a commented translation of a medieval text of  Mechtild of Magdeburg (XIII century) made by Raissa Gurevich.


The Slavo-Germanica book series welcomes contributions from historicians, linguistics and philologists. The contributions may deal with the problem of contact development of Slavic and Germanic countries and discuss all kinds of politic, cultural and linguistic contacts between Slavic and Germanic communities, literatures and languages.  Contributions discussing typological trends affecting both the Slavic and the Germanic areas are also welcome.

If you think you might contribute to the next volume, please contact me or my colleagues.

    The cover of Vols. 1-2 (2000) is below:

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