I love classical music and am a record collector.  My father started collecting   LPs of great artists in the 1950s. Now I switched to CDs.  I love European music from Perotinus to Ligeti, with focus on J.S.Bach, Haydn, Beethoven, Brahms, Bartok and Shostakovich. My favourite type of music is chamber music, especially string quartet but I love other genres and musical forms too. I love German Lieder and try to get their best interpretations on record. I specially collect CDs of great interpreters (pianists, conductors, instrumentalists) and outstanding voices. I also love Italian and German opera.

Sometimes I write down my impressions and post my reviews on the amazon.com. If you are interested visit my profile page on amazon.com.

I go in for sports and love svimming and basketball. In my youth and student years I have also been a chess player.


4 Responses to “Hobby”

  1. Tanya Yanko Says:

    Privet, fotografii xoroshi, a statji jeshche luchshe!

  2. Tanya Yanko Says:

    Ej, privet!

  3. Valdemarus Piscator Says:

    Men love cats.

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