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YouTube links to TMP-2013 conference

January 10, 2014


Here you can find YouTube links to videos from “Typology of morphosyntactic parameters 2013” conference  (TMP 2013 and the 1st international conference in General, Slavic and Nordic linguistics  (GeNSLing 2013

These five videos come from the TMP 2o13 conference.

1) November 16, Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Conference opening, address by the Director of the Institute of Linguistics, professor Vladimir M. Alpatov:

YouTube: AddressAlpatov

2) November 16, Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences.

The presentation of Jens Nørgård-Sørensen (University of Copenhagen).

The accusative and the genitive as argument 2 in the history of Russian.

YouTube: Presentation_Noergaard-Soerensen

3) November 17, SMSUH Moscow.

Address by SMSUH vice-chancellor, Dr. Andrej A.Glazkov:

YouTube: AddressGlazkov

4) November 17, SMSUH Moscow.

Keynote lecture by Ora Matushanski (CNRS / Université Paris VIII /UiL OTS / Utrecht University):

Engendering phi-features.

YouTube:  KeynoteLectureMatushanski

5) November 17, SMSUH Moscow. The presentation of Oleg Belyaev (Institute of linguistics/SMSUH Moscow)

Superiority effects in Ossetic: structural vs. linear constraints.

YouTube: Presentation_Belyaev

The next three videos come the GeNSLing 2013 conference.

1) November 16, Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences.

The presentation of Maria Konoshenko (SMSUH Moscow/Russian university for the humanities):

Person-number agreement in Mande: disentangling the knot of morphosyntactic parameters.

YouTube: Presentation_Konoshenko

2) November 17, SMSUH.

The presentation of MA-student Caroline Bilde Crogh-Jensen (University of Copenhagen):

YouTube: Presentation_Crogh-Jensen

3) November, 16, Institute of Linguistics. The presentation of MA-student Elizaveta Kushnir (SMSUH Moscow/Institute of linguistics):

Negation in Yaure (South Mande).

YouTube: Presentation_Kushnir