Research team

The team  included Fatima Eloeva (Sankt-Petersburg State  University), Anna Borisova (Sankt-Petersburg State University), Maxim Kisilier (Institute of Linguistics, ILI, Sankt-Petersburg branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences), Natalia Serdobolskaya (Moscow City Pedagogical university), Alexander Perekrestenko (Institute of Informatics, Russian Academy of Sciences).

Alexander Perekrestenko


Institute of informatics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

Main research fields

Formal languages, syntactic formalisms, parsing.

Selected publications

Perekrestenko Alexander. 2008. Minimalist grammars with unbounded scrambling and nondiscriminating barriers are NP-hard. // Martin-Vide, Carlos, Friedrich Otto, Henning Fernau (eds.). Language and Automata Theory and Applications [Lecture Notes on Computer Science]. Springer Verlag. pp. 421-432.

NB: This paper currently may not be placed on the web because of the copyright restrictions imposed by Springer Verlag. See the SUMMARY below.


Minimalist Grammars were proposed in [Stabler 1997a] as a formalization of the basic structure-building component of the Minimalism Program, a syntactic framework introduced in [Chomsky 1995a] and [Chomsky 2001a]. In the present paper we investigate the effects of extending this formalism with an unrestricted scrambling operator together with nondiscriminating barriers. We show that the recognition problem for the resulting formalism NP-hard. The result presented here is a generalization of the result shown by the author in [Perekrestenko 2007a] for Minimalist Grammars with unrestricted scrambling and category-sensitive barriers,

Other publication made with financial support of the RGNF project:

Perekrestenko, Alexander 2007. A note on the complexity of the recognition problem for the Minimalist Grammars with unbounded scrambling and barriers. // Trabajos del XXIII Congreso de la Sociedad Espagnola para el Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural. Sevilla 2007.

Anna Borisova


Phd (2005) Sankt-Petersburg State University.


Sankt-Petersburg State University, senior lecturer.

Scholarly interests:

Modern Greek, Balcanic languages, clitic systems,  clitic doubling.

Selected publications

Борисова А.Б. 2006. Местоименный повтор дополнения в новогреческом языке: прагматика vs грамматикализация. Проблемы балканской филологии / А.Е.Русаков (ред.). Сборник статей. Санкт-Петербург, 2006. 15 стр.

Borisova A. 2007. Word Order and Object Reduplication and Anticipation in Greek dialects. // 3rd International Conference on Modern Greek Dialects and Linguistic Theory. 14-16 June 2007. Abstracts. University of Cyprus. P. 4.

Μπορίσοβα Α. 2007a. Διεργασίες γραμματικοποίησης στο Χρονικό της Κύπρου του Λεοντίου Μαχαιρά. // 8th International Conference on Greek Linguistics. University of Ioannina. 30August – 2 September 2007. P. 128.

Borisova A. Object Reduplication in Cretan Renaissaince Literature // Proceeding of the 10th International Cretological Congress.

Borisova A. Word Order and Object Reduplication in Greek dialects. // Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Modern Greek Dialects and Linguistic Theory.

Борисова А.Б. Некоторые синтаксические особенности Кипрской хроники Леонтиоса Махераса(ΧV в.) // Материалы 36 Международной филологической конференции. СПбГУ. 2007.

Борисова А.Б. Препозиция и постпозиция местоименной клитики в среднегреческом языке. // Материалы Конференции молодых исследователей «Синтаксические структуры». РГГУ, Москва. – на рус.яз.

Maxim Kisilier


Phd (2004)


Institute of Linguistic Studies, ILI, Russian Academy of Sciences, Sankt-Petersburg

Scholarly interests

Greek dialects, Wackernagel’s law, syntactic parameters of late Greek koine.

Selected publications

Кисилиер М.Л. 2006. К вопросу об эмфазе и средствах ее выражения: на материале мариупольского диалекта греческого языка. // Проблемы балканской филологии. / А.Е.Русаков (ред.). Сб. статей. Спб., 2006.

Кисилиер М.Л. 2006а. Синтаксические особенности личных местоимений в позднем койнэ: двусложные местоименя в “Луге Духовном” Иоанна Мосха. // Acta Linguistica Petropolitana, Vol. II, part I / Казанский Н.Н. (отв.ред.). Спб., 2006. P. 116-133.

Kisilier, Maxim. 2007. Word Order Patterns in the Greek dialect of Mariupolis. // 3rd International Conference on Modern Greek Dialects and Linguistic Theory. 14-16 June, 2007. Abstracts. University of Cyprus, p. 16.

Kisilier M. 2008. Ένα ελληνικό ιδίωμα στην Ανατολική Ουκρανία (περιοχη Μαριούπολης). – In press.

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