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A Master programme in general linguistics and typology

February 9, 2013


The Institute for Modern Linguistic Research  (IMLR) at the Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities, SMSUH, launches a MA -programme in Language Theory and Linguistic Typology, cf. the announcent here

IMLR will conduct a full-tuition 2-year MA-programme ‘Language theory and linguistic typology’ (autumn 2013- fall 2015). The lecture courses will be taught by IMLR fellows in cooperation with SMSUH philological faculties as well as by specially invited scholars from other academic institutions, experts in their research field. We are open for academic cooperation and proposals from all interested colleagues and institutions.

The picture above, if you did not get it from the first glance, shows as a MASTER (right) and a MA-student.