Acknowledgments to sponsors

My book ‘Typological scandinavian syntax’ was published in Moscow in 2002 by the publishing house ‘Yazyki Slavyanskoj kultury’ (Языки славянской культуры). In this country, contrary to Europe, authors  of scientific books normally do not get any salary or royalties from their bookseller.  If was extremely difficult to publish a 900-pages monograph in formal typological syntax containing a Principle-and-Parameter description of Scandinavian languages (not closely related to Russian). I am especially happy that I managed to do that owing to a generous support from a number of sponsors. The list is given below:

  • Russian Foundation for the Humanities (Российский гуманитарный научный фонд, РГНФ),  project Nr. 06-04-16127.
  • Ministry of education and culture of Republic of Iceland.
  • Ministry of foreign affairs of Republic of Iceland.
  • The ambassador of Republic Iceland in Moscow, his Excellency Jon Egill Egilsson.
  • The Roayl Embassy of Sweden in Moscow.

That the author of a book in linguistic typology could get financial support for the publication from institutions and officials representing 3 different countries makes me proud for my branch.

I express my gratitude to my scientific editor Alexander Perekrestenko,  whose profiency in Germanic languages and formal syntax helped me to avoid a number of infelicities in the manuscript.

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