Typology of morphosyntactic parameters 2012

In the conference room, 16 November 2012, Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. The picture aboves shows Dmitry Privoznov (r.) , James Lavine and other participants.

The second conference in the thematic series ‘Typology of morphosyntactic parameters’ was held in Moscow, at the Sholokhov Moscow University for the Humanities, SMSUH,

14 to 16 november 2012

The conference website is http://ossetic-studies.org/msp2012/ru/. The extended deadline is October 12, 2012. See the website for details.

The first conference “Typology of morphosyntactic parameters -2011” which took place in December 2011 included papers on word order, clitic typology, mechanisms of case marking and agreement, polypredicate constructions. The talk summaries and other information are available here: http://imlr.mggu-sh.ru/ru/events-ru/conferences-ru.)

http://imlr.mggu-sh.ru/conferences/morphosyntax/Workshops%20I_IV.pdf (abstract summaries in English)

http://imlr.mggu-sh.ru/conferences/morphosyntax/WorkshopsI-IV_Ru.pdf (abstract summaries in Russian).

The priority will be given to paper proposals discussing the interaction of morphological and syntactical mechanisms, syntax-prosody interface and syntax-to information structure interface and showing the correlation of general, type-specific and language-specific morphological and syntactic features through the analysis of world’s languages. The paper proposals will be rated by experts and selected by the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee is planning thematic panels on clitics and word order studies, case marking, polypredicate constructions and diachronic typology.

The Organizing committee: Peter M. Arkadyev (Institute of Slavic studies, Russian Academy of Scienses / Russian State University for the Humanities / Institute for Modern Linguistics, SMSUH),

 Ekaterina A.Lyutikova (Moscow State University),

Yakov G. Testelets (Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences / Russian State University for the Humanities),

Anton V.Zimmerling (Institute for Modern Linguistics, SMSUH /Russian State University for the Humanities).

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