Conferences and workshops organized by me

I have organized the Typology Workshop (together with professor Peter Kosta, university of Potsdam) at the FDSL-8 conference in Potsdam which is scheduled for 2-5 December, 2009  in Potsdam, Germany. The FDSL-8 conference (Formal Description of Slavic Languages 2009) is organized by the University of Potsdam.

The FDSL-8 home page is:

The program of the FDSL-8 typology workshop is available here:

“Perspectives of Language Typology: Slavic and Standard Average European”

The basic idea of this workshop is to check out whether Slavic languages as a group of closely related Indo-European idioms constitute a separate (sub)-type and to establish the position of Slavic languages towards the typological construct known as ‘Standard Average European’ (B.L.Whorf, Östen Dahl). Typologically valid descriptions of Slavic languages may contribute to verifying or reconsidering this construct. Comparison of Slavic and non-Slavic data is welcome to a degree it helps finding Non-Slavic languages sharing a number of macroparameters or parametric clusters with given Slavic languages.

Linguistic typology is a branch that aims at checking the list of language universals and classifying world’s languages into open classes or types sharing some sets of parameters. If type-specific features are formulated correctly, a linguist can predict the distribution of other features in languages from the same class and try to establish implicational relations linking these features together.

The progress of typology is significant.  Meanwhile, typologically oriented descriptions of world’s languages leave many questions open. What is the status of typological explanation? Is a framework-free typological description possible? Can one combine formal and functional approaches in linguistic typology?  Do world’s languages really share the same grammatical concepts? Is typology oriented to concepts taken from certain languages regarded as prototypical, e.g. ‘Anglo-centric’ or ‘Lakhota-centric’ typology, reliable? The discussion of these theoretical and methodological issues at the FDSL-8 typology workshop is warmly welcome if it pertains to the analysis of Slavic data and/or to the critical assessment of versions of UG motivated by data from Slavic languages.


In June 2010, I organized a workshop on clitics and syntactic typology in Moscow. The workshop’s goal is to combine studies in two related yet different fields – clitic theories and syntactic typology.

The papers presented at the workshop focused on such issues as clitic clusterization, Barrier typology, clitic doubling and its links to argument structure, case and and agreement marking, diachronic trends in the development of clitic systems, contact-induced development of clitic systems, clitic reduplication.

The abstracts and presentations will soon be available.

Clitic Workshop “Clitic studies and Syntactic Typology”.

Russian State University for the Humanities, RSUH, 2nd corpus, room 804.

Peter Arkadiev (Institute of Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences/RSUH). Clitic doubling: towards a typology. Arkadiev_cldoubling_rggu2010

Anton Zimmerling (Moscow State University for the Humanities/RSUH). A typology of Barriers and clitic movement.

Natalia Pimenova (Moscow City Pedagogical University). The clusterization of word forms with weak stress in Old High German and Old Saxon. SeminarKlitikiRGGU

10 minutes break.
Ilya Yakubovich (University of Moscow). Clitic reduplication in Neo-Hittite as a contact-induced process. Yakubovich2010

Andrei Sidelcev (Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences). Clitic doubling in Middle Hittite: two systems.

General discussion.


I am coorganizer of the Typology Workshop at the 18 Nordiska Slavistmoetet. The 18 Nordiska Slavistmoetet is held at the University of Tampere, Finland, August 18-22, 2010. The conference main organizer is professor Hannu Tommola, the University of Tampere.

The program of the conference and the Workshop are available at

PANEL on SLAVIC CLITICS and WORD ORDER at the BASEES 2011 Conference

I am organizing a panel on Slavic Clitics and Word Order issues at the annual conference of the British Association of Slavic and Eastern European Studies (BASEES), BASEES 2011, Cambridge, UK, to be held April 2-4, 2011.

The conference page is

The abstracts of the panel participants can be seen here;

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