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Happy New Deadlines 2015

January 13, 2015


The New Year holiday is just a bridge between pre-New Year depression and post-New Year depression.

Nothing special happens, except for the fact that when the holiday week is over, you suddenly understand that the best part of the New Year is over and will never come again.

The New Year is also a good cause to ignore some passing deadlines, if you are living in a regime, when you have to write abstracts, papers, annual reports and other junk stuff. It was actually your worst deadline, and you are supposed to have produced and submitted all that crap in superhuge quantities before.

But now, you get up with a New Year hangover (a general condition, even if you are a boring abstainer) and see that new deadlines are already awaiting you. You do not see any sense in your work, but still it may be your main reason to live and to move on on the beaten path. You only lack the pre-New-Year mess and excitement when you tried to fit the old deadlines.

So…Coraggio and happy new deadlines 2015!


As a very good poet (later quoted by a fashion novelist and lesser poet of the XX century) once put it in 1856:


Загородись двойною рамою,

Напрасно горниц не студи.

Простись с надеждою упрямою

И на дорогу не гляди.