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The website about Vladimir Zimmerling

April 2, 2020

The new website about Vladimir Zimmerling (1931 – 2017) opened at


Vladimir Zimmmerling’s art works are currently grouped into 6 galleries: “Sculptures“, “Antique suite“, “A thick band“, “Small plastics“, “Graphical works” and “Monuments“. They can be seen on this page Double-click the corresponding icon or the weblink below the icon. Note that “Antique suite” and “A thick band” are author’s names for two thematic series of sculptures created by him. The portrait of J.S.Bach (the picture below) was created in 1982. It does not belong to any thematic series. However, the sculptor has a steady interest to portraying poets, artists and musicians: this group of portraits constitutes a substantial part of his heritage.


Vladimir Zimmerling. “Johann Sebastian Bach“, limestone, 1982.

A list of Vladimir Zimmerling’s papers and his two books of essays is available here:

A selection of poems by Pushkin, Tyutchev, Mandelstam, Zabolotsky, Pasternack and other Russian poets recited by Vladimir Zimmerling is available at this page: