RGNF project on free word order

This page is devoted to RGNF project 06-00203a on the typology of free word order languages. The team also included Fatima Eloeva (Sankt-Petersburg State University), Anna Borisova (Sankt-Petersburg State University), Maxim Kissilier (Institute of Linguistics, ILI, Sankt-Petersburg branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences), Natalia Serdobolskaya (Moscow City Pedagogical university), Alexander Perekrestenko (Institute of Informatics, Russian Academy of Sciences). Some of their contributions to the project will be posted on a separate page. This project was financed by the Russian Research Foundation for the Humanities, RSUH (Российский Государственный Гуманитарный Фонд, РГНФ).

The research program and some of the research findings may be found in Anton Zimmerling’s paper ‘Word order as an object of natural science’ published in the journal ‘Vestnik RGNF’, No. 3 (2008), p. 162-175.

The non-restrictive aspect of word order typology, with focus on Slavic languages is addressed in my talk at the First Annual Meeting of the Slavic Linguistic Society, SLS 1 (Bloomington 2006):

The restrictive aspect of word order typology is discussed in the following papers (in Russian and in English):


See also a chapter from my forthcoming book:

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