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Pour être outchonyj

February 8, 2015


Recently, I read a short notice on the web that Russian government has plans to cancel some official ‘professional’ holidays including the Day of Russian Science, 8 February. I have never been aware of such a holiday which may be a fault of my own: every year, I forget to celebrate the 25th of January, though I have background knowledge that it is the founding day of my alma mater, Lomonosov Moscow University.  My lazy mind is more attached to traditions than to anniversaries. I have vague memories that we had had a ‘Day of Science’ in the university, but surely not in February.

A day later, 8 February, I read on the same website that the Prime Minister of Russia congratulates us with the Day of Russian Science. I was amused and amazed. I googled the web and saw that 8 February is the day when the Russian Academy of Sciences was founded, in 1724.  The holiday itself was established in 1999. Now, when the state seemingly tries to get rid of the national Academy of Sciences, it is logical to cancel the holiday too. All the more, lots of stupid asses like me do not recognize this holiday. That’s OK. But please do not introduce new holidays, like the Day of Eurasian Science or the Day of Outworldly Science.