Possessor Raising

The term “Possessor Raising” was introduced as a label for a tentatively purely syntactic operation changing the status of a Possessee argument and raising it to a higher domain, typically a finite clause. Meanwhile, there is a considerable disagreement about the conditions of PR: some authors deny PR with intransitive verbs and terminologically distinguish ‘Possessor Raising’ with transitive verbs and ‘External Possessor Construction’ with all types of predicates, while a different group of authors do not believe in a clear-cut opposition of transitive vs intransitive verbs and take the External Possessor Construction with the Dative/Oblique case marking on the external Possessee as a prototypical case of PR. Moreover, it is not entirely clear whether the cases as Russian Ona ne [ego-Gen dochj’] ‘She is not [his daughter]’ and Ona emu-Dat ne dochj lit. ‘She is no daughter to-him’ exemplify variants of the same numeration or different syntactic structures.

These issues are addressed in my talk ‘Possessor Raising in the Slavic Languages’ given at the XIII International Conference ‘Text. Structure and Semantics’ (Текст, Структура и Семантика) April 14, 2011 in Moscow. See the handout (In Russian, but with English glosses).

Подъем поссессора в славянских языках

A draft version of the paper on the same paper, to be published in Text. Structure. Semantics, Vol. XIV (Циммерлинг 2011, in press), may be downloaded here: Raising5f

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