The first!


No, that’s not a sports competition and not a song contest. This is kinda warning from the secretary board – you guys have only ONE minute left for your presentation. And the picture is taken at the first defense procedure in the history of our MA-programmes, this year it was ‘General and typological linguistics’.


Fathers and sons. Actually, rather daughters-in-science: Peter Arkadiev (far left, standing) and his MA-student Liza Kushnir (far right, standing).


Istoki (Russ. ‘origins’ or ‘backgrounds’). So reads the text behind the guy (Andrei Kosenkov). His MA-dissertation is about the origins and evolution of the suffixed article in Scandinavian languages.


The venue. Incidentally, the defence procedure took place in Mikhail Sholokhov’s room at SMSUH. Nobody from the group has chosen a topic related to Sholokhov’s analysis or text analysis of other art texts. This is natural, since the focus of this particular MA-programmes is a bit different -linguistic typology. But actually the MA-dissertation Yakov Testelets (on the picture above) was acting as opponent was about Russian grammar – WhyPs in Russian.


Listening to their fellow and preparing their own presentations. From left to right: Vlad Romashev, Lidia Kirpo, Roman Ronko, Liza Kushnir and Andrei Kosenkov.

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