Life after Idleness

I did not happened to update this website/blog of mine during three years, when I suddenly realised that some of my webpages including this one still have a link to it. I decided to add a post here. It is actually about life – not as much after death (that’s is a non-shared belief of some people), but about years of idleness and oblivion.


The author of this book, my father Vladimir Zimmerling was a sculptor and a philosopher. His life corresponded to the principles he proclaimed. During his lifetime, he published one book of essays, some papers, had two personal exhibitions (in 1985 and 1999), raised numerous monuments in his country of birth (diverse corners of the former Soviet Union) and did not care about crowds of fans and readers, laurels of  the academies, place in the guidebooks in the art history (despite him being a pupil of  Theodor Zalkaln (a pupil of Rodine and Bourdelle) and part of the Soviet avantgarde himself) or life as a socialite.  Now, two and a half years after his death in June, 2017, Vladimir Zimmerling’s sculptures have been posthumously exhibited at three exhibitions, the last of them standing in Moscow in the art gallery “Na Chistykh Prudakh” right now And the book of his selected papers in philosophy and hermeneutics was published in 2019 by the publishing house “Nestor-Istoria“: Владимир Циммерлинг. Избранные работы. Составление, общая редакция и комментарии А.В.Циммерлинга. М-Спб.: Нестор-История, 2019. 540 с. [Vladimir Zimmerling. Selected writings. Ed. by A.V.Zimmerling. Moscow- St.Petersburg: Nestor-istoria, 2019. 540 p.]. The technical pages can be downloaded from here:  The book’s cover made by Soffia Kassian features Vladimir Zimmerling’s “Self-portrait”, a sculpture from 1962.

The new website dedicated to Vladimir Zimmerling, will open in a week.

I was the book editor who selected the published and unpublished papers by Vladimir Zimmerling for the edition above and wrote a commentary to them. The edition follows the format accepted in the series like “Philosophical heritage”, with end notes and comments to the published texts. The introductory article to this book can be viewed here:

There are indications in the archive of the book author, Vladimir Zimmerling that he wanted his essays to be published and discussed. He was a philosopher and believed that the events of one’s private life including his own life do no deserve special attention, but the ideas, if they are expressed in an appropriate form and cultural collisions do. But he did not care much about the time and the book format. Probably he would like to fix something and to add new parts. I am pretty sure that if I died during his lifetime and he considered me a good professional in my own field, he would not care much about editing my archive and publishing my papers after my death.


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P.S. The artist Mara Daugaviete, whose pictures are currently exhibited together with Vladimir Zimmerling’s sculptures, is his daughter, and the artist Georgi Uvarov is her husband. And the late sculptor Lucia Daugaviete (1927-2013) is Mara’s mother and the first wife of my father.



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