Let’s get ready to GRUMBLE!


For a while, I have been looking in vain for a post subject. I badly needed a subject related to linguistics and philology. Bingo! Finally I found my catch in sports news. A brilliant new lexicographic definition of the word ‘WHIMPERER’ provided by Dr. Maxim Mitrofanov, the general director of a very well-known football club. For some time, the journalists and football fans got the wrong idea that the head coach of this club, Mr. NN, is a whimperer, since he is used to complain about modifications in the standing orders. But Dr. Mitrofanov convincingly explained that this is not true to fact. “NN is not a whimperer. He is a professional who unexpectedly encountered an objective problem.” (quoted after: Http//www.sports.ru/football/1032545545.html ).

This is a new word in lexicography and a brilliant definition of concepts like WHIMPERER or GRUMBLER. Allow me to develop the analysis. I’ll put the emphasis on the semantic component ‘professional’. All of us sometimes unexpectedly encounter objective problems. If you do not grumble, you does not seem to be a professional (grumbler).

So let’s get ready to grumble!


And a final disclaimer. No negative feelings towards this esteemed football club and its equally distinguished general sponsor.

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