A Mastermind of the mind


I claim that the thinker on the picture above had far more lasting and powerful impact on the human minds of the XXth and XXIth century than minor figures like Marx, Hitler, Freud, Mao, Lennon, Lenin, Hawking, Chomsky and Michael Jackson.

What, you do not RECOGNIZE HIM?

Tip Nr. 1: He hailed from the same city as the guy who invented this bloody chess opening.

1. d2-d4 d7-d5 . 2. c2-c4 e7-e6 3. Kb1-c3 c7-c5

Tip Nr. 2: In case you still do not recall him or do not identify the appearance with the name: probably you suffer from the condition described by this guy!






3 Responses to “A Mastermind of the mind”

  1. Elena Kulinich Says:

    Apparently, I suffer from the condition described by this famous thinker. Could you give, please, some other tips, not “chess” ones.

  2. antonzimmerling Says:

    Hi, Elena. Surely you do not. It is Dr. Alois Alzheimer on the picture above. And the chess opening is Tarrash Defence.

  3. Elena Kulinich Says:

    Thank you, Anton. My curiosity is completely satisfied)

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