Calico Jack

Циммерлинг обложка эскиз2

What’s best in a scientific book? Pictures, of course. The cover of this lengthy book is designed by Sergey A. Zhigalkin, Language of Slavic Culture Press who effectively applied an idea prompted by the artist Vladimir Zimmerling  to use historic calico (printed cotton) patterns from early XIX century Russia. Calico patterns from Ivanovo are seen both on the inserted fragment and as background picture. As for the guy on the back cover, his picture is skillfully made by Sergey L. Savin in October 2013 during the ‘Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters’ conference. The text about the author on that page is of minor significance compared to the magnificent picture. Therefore I replaced it here with a dummy.

I am grateful to the Russian Foundation of Humanities, project 13-04-16062 for their financial support and to the publisher, Languages of Slavic Cultury Press for their work, and in person, to Boris Golishnikov who made the layout of the book.

Full bibliographical information is below:

А.В.Циммерлинг. Системы порядка слов славянских языков в типологическом аспекте. М.: Языки славянской культуры (Studia Philologica), 2013. 544 с. ISBN 978-9551-0686-1.

= Anton Zimmerling. Slavic word order systems in a typological perspective. Moscow: Yazyki Slavyanskoj kultury (Studia Philologica), 2013. 544 p. ISBN 978-9551-0686-1.

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