Institute of Linguistics


From April 2013, I have a part-time job of a leading researcher at the Institute of linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

I am part of the Department of Typology and Areal Linguistics, Sector of typology, My profile at the Institute of Linguistics can be viewed here I am going to upload more papers and links there. 

I am thankful to Dmitry for the valuable technical help with the profile.

My job at the Institute of Linguistics in 2013 will be linked to organizing the TMP conference, see the 1st announcement and other projects in areal linguistics and typology.

On 17 June, 2013, 16,00 PM we are organizing a joint session of the seminar in Grammar Theory and Typology (supervised by Vladimir Plungian and Yakov Testelets) and the SMSUH seminar in Theoretical linguistics  (supervised by Anton Zimmerling), see

Arseniy Vydrin (Institute for linguistic research, Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint-Petersburg / Russian Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Technology, RIAS SMSUH will give a talk on



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