April Foo… or All Sage’s Day


In my country and elsewhere —  as an opera character puts it — in ‘universo e…e…e.. in altri siti’ the First of April is the main holiday of the year. It is normally celebrated 365 days in a year or more.

Classifying All-year April Sages is a special task pertaining to the competence of Extended Standard Fool Theory and Narratology.  I do not know exactly what the latter word means but I suppose it might be derived from Lat. narrare  ‘to tell foolish stories’, ‘to act as a fool’. In any case, Dr. Bastian Brant, a knowledgeable scholar authority, locates all kinds of Narrs on Narrenschiff, a presumably complete itinerant collection of fools. The venerable Mr. Girolamo dal Bosco built a model of this object (see a fragment above). The Narrenschiff looks small and cramped: this probably illustrates Dal Bosco’s hypothesis that Fool diversity is relatively small or Dal Bosco’s belief that subcategorization of Fools is a minor foolish problem.

Turning back to national characteristics of April Foo’..s Day. In my home country this holiday is of double importance since we cannot tell what other holidays we have. Confessional and ethnic holidays are dangerous. Do not believe cock-and-bull stories that Russians are militant and narrow-minded. On the contrary, we enjoy every reason to celebrate anything. There are many people that follow and celebrate such holidays and St.Patrick’s Day, Oktoberfest, Cthulhu’s Revival etc. But what a puzzle: if you congratulate an unknown person with such a holiday one cannot exclude that you will be called a fool. The same holds for political events – Day of Independence, Day of Dependancy, Day of Constituency, Day of Rewriting the Constitution, L’anniversaire de la restitution de la Bastille etc. Earlier one could at least congratulate girls with Women’s Day and girls used to congratulate us with *** Day. Now gender identity is lost and reminders that someone is a boy or a girl are found impolite and even not funny.

They are neither man nor woman,

They are neither Brahms nor Schumann,

They are Fools.

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