‘TMP 2012’ is over. Looking forward to ‘TMP 2013’

The ‘Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters 2012’ conference (Moscow, 14-16 November, 2012) is over. We are looking forward to ‘Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters 2013 ‘ conference.

I would like to thank all people whose kind assistance helped to solve the difficulties and to increase the level of the conference:

— our plenary lectors Jim Lavine, Leonid Iomdin, Pavel Graschchenkov, Vladimir Alpatov and Yuri Lander for their insightful plenary talks.

— All participants who presented a paper at our conference and Natalia Bogomolova whose scheduled talk unfortunately was canceled due to force majéur circumstances.

— All our panel chairs who contributed much to making the discussion fruitful and interesting – Leonid Iomdin, Peter Arkadyev, Jakov Testelets, Lyudmila Khokhlova, Sergei Sai, Maria Ovsyannikova, Oleg Belyaev, Yuri Lander, Ekaterina Lyutikova, Natalia Serdobolskaya.

Vladimir D. Nechaev, rector of SMSUH Moscow — for his invaluable moral and organisatory support.

— The conference secretaries Tamara Astakhova and Alexey Barkovskiy for their hard and effective everyday job.

— Videotape operators from the SMSUH Technical Support Team, and personally to Olga Zmieva and Sergei Leonidovich.

Vlad Romashev, photografer and videotape operator,   who was with us all three days.

Oleg Belyaev, administrator of the conference site — for his skill and patience.

—  My friends and colleagues Peter, Katya and Jasha who shared the organizing job with me.

— Our friend Sergei Manaev whose assistance helped to lauch this conference at an early stage.

— All conference guests and discussants for their interest.

The picture above shows Pavel Grashchenkov (right) during his presentation on November 14, 2012 at the SMSUH conference room. Peter Arkadyev (left) is chairing that panel.

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