Varangian guests in colour and sound

Here is a link to my talk about Varangian names I gave in June 2012 at the High School of Economy, Moscow – quite unexpectedly, the presentation is in colour and sound. Many thanks to the conference organizers Anna Litvina, Fjodor Uspenskij and Savva Mikheev for sharing this link.

The talks of other participants may be downloaded from this page. Again, thanks to the conference organizers.

The true identity of the people depicted above on the picture from a Byzantine chronicle is unknown. I an inclined to treat the aggressive woman as an object of research interest from some impertinent Medieval scholar (shown here in the figure of a killed Varangian guy). The bearded Varangians rewarding the woman with the killed guy’s belongings are his former colleagues and ruthless critics of his theories who are debunking the scientific heritage of their poor shameful colleague.

Sic transit gloria mundi.

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