Running linguistic seminars at the IMLR

The Institute for Modern Linguistic Research, IMLR is organizing linguistic seminars at the Moscow  state university for the humanities, MSUH.

Seminar for theoretical and computational linguistics

 (coordinator: Anton Zimmerling)

The seminar is designed as a series of regular meetings, with presentations and discussion. We welcome all theory-oriented or descriptive-oriented presentations devoted to issues of language theory, linguistic typology and computational linguistics. We especially encourage talks and linguistic analysis showing the interaction of universal and language-specific features based on a comprehensive description of some specific language data.

Seminar №1

February 20, 2012 г. , 16.0o PM

Tamara Astakhova (IMLR)

Personal designations in the Birch Bark letters’ .

The text of the presentation is available at this link

Seminar № 2

March 16 ,2012.16.00 PM.

Yuri Lander (Institute for Oriental Studies, Russian academy of sciences, Moscow), Dmitri Ganenkov and Timur Maisak (both – Institute of linguistics, Russian academy of sciences, Moscow)

Endoclitics and the structure of the Udi verb’

The picture shows Dmitri Ganenkov.

The handout of the talk can be viewed here: Udi_mggu_GLM

Seminar No. 3,

26. May, 2012.

Andrey Sideltstev (Institute of linguistics,R ussian academy of sciences)
“On the diachronical perspective of the pronominal doubling in Hittite, part II:  “
A brief discussion may be found here: 

The picture above shows Andrey Sideltcev.

An English summary of the talk is here:

2 Responses to “Running linguistic seminars at the IMLR”

  1. Elena Kulinich Says:

    The topic sounds interesting. Looking forward to seeing the handout.

    • antonzimmerling Says:

      You are always welcome, Elena! The handout will be available soon. We are also planning to post some comments from the listeners.

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