Conference on Morphosyntactic Parameters 5.12.2011: Afterword and Acknowledgments

The conference ‘The Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters’ took place in Moscow at the Moscow state university for the humanities, MSUH, on December 5, 2011.  I am expressing my gratitudes to all paper givers for their talks and presentations at the conference, to Yakov Testelets, Leonid Iomdin and Peter Arkadiev for their consent to chair the workshop panels and to the conference audience for the extremely fruitful discussion and the readiness to go into special issues of linguistic typology and grammar theory.  Special kudos to MSUH Vice-Cancellor Sergey Traytak without whose kind help organizing the conference at short notice and locating it in the MSUH main office were impossible.  I would like to thank the conference secretaries Tamara Astakhova and Alexey Barkovskiy and a group of MSUH’s students – Vladislav Romashev, Roman Ronjko, Alexander Strel’cov, Ilya Lavrentyev, Tatyana Terekhova  who contributed much to making the conference a pleasant experience. The technical staff (staff engineer Olga Zmieva) did their best to produce splendid pics and films. Once again, thanks to everybody who was with us this day!

The conference was organized with financial support of the Russian foundation for the humanities, project 11-04-00282a. This support is much appreciated.

We are planning the publish the conference proceedings in 2012. In the meantime, the conference presentations, paper drafts and handouts will be available on this web page and on the MSUH web site.

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